Custom Brushless DC Motors 

Located in Rocklin, CA, BLDC Designs engineers electromagnetic solutions for unique applications. Our strength is in working with you to create optimized solutions for your specialized requirements.  Custom motor designs are often driven by the need for high torque density, unusual envelope constraints, smooth operation or environmental factors.  We can help you to understand principal design drivers and size/performance trade-offs for varying motor envelope aspect ratios or different motor topologies. 


Our specialty is in designing direct drive frameless motor kits, (i.e. stator and rotor assemblies), that can be directly integrated into your products resulting in lower overall part counts, higher reliability, and better form factor for your product.   We can provide quick-turn prototypes and all levels of volume manufacturing.


BLDC Designs was founded in 2019 by Steve Prina.  Steve's field of expertise is in magnetics, electromagnetics, motors, and actuators.  Steve was a founding member of the Parker Motor Design Center created for Parker Hannifin Corp in 1990.   While at Parker, Steve developed motor design tools/software and motor designs for Parker's Industrial and Aerospace divisions.


Steve went on to co-found Applimotion Inc in 2001. Over a 17 year period as the Engineering Director, he was responsible for creating over 200 custom motor designs that included slotted, slotless, outer rotating, inner rotating, tubular and linear motors.  


Steve holds a BSME, an MSME focused on motor dynamic systems and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering with a focus on permanent magnet brushless motor design.  He has published many papers related to motor performance and design.  Steve has served on Masters and Ph.D. candidate committees for the University of New Hampshire and has taught short courses to industry professionals in brushless and stepping motor analysis.